Water scarcity in the world motivates a great concern for the need of affording water resources worldwide. It is a global problem seriously affecting the lives of world population. The Arab region is the driest region in the world with the world’s most water scarce countries.  In most of those water-scarce countries, there is a huge gap, expected to widen in the future, between water supply and water demand. Non-conventional water resources hence became increasingly required to enhance water supplies in the Arab region, being an essential way to help in dealing with the issue of water scarcity. The non-conventional water resources are already used in most of the Arab countries witph great success stories and case studies.

Since there are numerous experts in the field of wastewater treatment and reuse in Arab countries, therefore, consolidating all these resources and exchanging experience between Arab experts is believed to be an added value and will certainly constitute a useful tool for all future stakeholders. This consolidation is recommended to be in the form of an operational network of Excellence Experts in the field of Treated Wastewater Reuse (TWWR-EEN) as one of the main outputs of the Project. The Network is to be established by the Arab Water Council (AWC), jointly with IWMI, and is intended to be a tool to enhance communications and interaction between professionals and different stakeholders involved in the field of water reuse.

Experts’ selections to be involved in TWWR-EEN will take into consideration the geographic and thematic diversities, as well as diversity within the research to impact the value chain such as: treatment technologies (conventional /biological), treated wastewater reuse standards (guidelines, codes, laws and regulations), socio-economics of treated wastewater reuse, research and academia and policies and strategies related to TWWR.

The aim of the TWWR-EEN is: to establish a viable, operational and interactive network including a selected group of “excellence experts” specialized in the different fields of wastewater treatment and reuse in the Arab countries

The Motivations for encouraging the experts to be members of the network are; .

Access to publications and scientific materials, Free publishing in AWC journals,  Create profile on TWWR website, Involvement in consultation of relevant  TWWR projects in Arab countries, Having Priority in invitations to regional conferences related to TWWR, Opening- up new Business Opportunities, Building new partnerships with national agencies and consultants in water and sanitation sector, Giving lectures in training  programs related to TWWR will be held in Arab region , Sharing in writing proposals of TWWR projects submitted to the funding organizations and  Having a chance to be a facilitator or moderator in relevant TWWR conferences held in Arab regions